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Earthquake Retrofitting

A recent comprehensive analysis by the Southern California Earthquake Center found that the chance of having an earthquake of Richter magnitude 6.7 in California over the next 30 years is 99.7%. In other words, it is nearly a statistical certainty that a big earthquake is on its way. Are you ready?

We perform earthquake retrofitting (also known as "house bolting") to current building code standards. Standard plans can be found via the City of Los Angeles website at



Seismic retrofitting, also called earthquake retrofitting, is technical work.  Seismic retrofitting is more than just "foundation bolting".  Earthquake retrofitting involves foundation anchors (or foundation bolts), shear panels, and framing connectors, each element installed to specific engineered standards.  Done correctly, a seismic retrofit can increase the chances of your home surviving an earthquake.  However, an improperly or incompletely retrofitted home might actually suffer more damage during an earthquake than if nothing had been done at all.  Any contractor can perform a seismic retrofit, but why would you trust your home to anybody but a retrofit specialist?

A safe house is one that can withstand a sideways pull and is a house built on a firm foundation.  By securely fastening the house to the foundation, and securely connecting the house components together, the changes of withstanding the next earthquake are greatly improved.

Most residential homes are built on either a slab or a raised foundation. The weight of the house is the main thing that keeps it in place. Bolting fastens the house to its foundation, adding an extra measure of stability during earthquakes.

Bolting your house can prevent damage inflicted by:

  • Earthquake (to some degree)
  • Natural house settling
  • Water damage

In the bolting process for a one-story house, anchor bolts are drilled every 6' on center. On two- and three-story houses, anchor bolts are drilled every 4' on center.

This is what happens when you don’t bolt your house.

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