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Viper Barrier

Part of your solution for a clean, dry, mold-free and energy efficient crawl space.

We are proud to provide our specialized services in Viper Barrier Crawl Space

Viper® VaporCheck is a triple ply, extrusion coated, virgin polyethylene membrane designed to act as a vapor/moisture barrier underneath concrete slabs. It offers premium protection against soil gas and moisture diffusion through the slab.

Traditional dirt crawl spaces are full of moisture that enters via evaporation and diffusion through the floor and sidewalls. An important part of a crawl space moisture control strategy is the installation of a vapor barrier. A vapor barrier provides the crawl space with a moisture and soil gas protection layer that decreases the amount of moisture and radon present in the crawl space. This greatly reduces the risk for:

  • Mold
  • Mildew
  • Wood rot
  • Floor failure
  • Decreased insulation R-values
  • Increased heating & cooling bills
  • Odors
  • Insects
  • Dust mites
  • Aggravated allergies
  • Poor storage environment
  • Poor IAQ (Indoor Air Quality)

Viper® CS is a 10 mil "Class A" vapor barrier with excellent physical characteristics, including high puncture resistance, high tensile strength and low water vapor permeance. It will prevent ground moisture from entering the crawl space when installed on the walls and floor, greatly reducing the negative effects of a moisture laden crawl space.

When using Viper® CS in a crawl space application, you will be providing the home or building with the best protection on the market! Viper® CS offers several advantages over other crawl space vapor barriers:

  • Superior Puncture & Tear Resistance
    • Reduces chances of product damage during installation
    • Maintains integrity over time under foot traffic and storage
  • Super Low Water Vapor Permeability
    • Qualifies as a true vapor barrier (perm rating less than .01)
    • Ensures an effective seal against pressure driven moisture
  • Extrusion Coated Bright White Finish
    • Provides a bright, clean look for the crawl space
    • Smooth coating allows for easy removal of dirt, footprints and smudges

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