Water Proofing

In simple words: Waterproofing stops water from doing damage to your property and your possessions. Almost anything you can think of can be damaged by water, but when we talk about waterproofing we're usually refering to the things in the home improvement area, like:

  • waterproofing basement
  • waterproofing foundation
  • waterproofing walls
  • waterproofing concrete


Mold is one of your home's most formiddable enemies. Mold can grow almost anywhere there is water damage, high humidity, or dampness. Mold variations can include mildew, fungi, bacteria, and dust mites which can flourish in humid, damp locations. Mold spores can cause allergies, bronchial infections, asthma, and other breathing and health problems, particularly in children. To prevent mold, damp areas, and related health problems while protecting your most valuable investment, your home, foundation waterproofing is a great solution.

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